Dane County Council on Climate Change

This brand new office and the corresponding new Dane County Council on Climate Change are the next steps in the work Dane County initiated years ago which resulted in creation of the “Dane County Climate Action Plan.”  The Council will include representatives of local governments, business, utilities, and environmental advocates, working together to extend the work of county government. A recent agreement with the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin will help the county assess the impact of the progress Dane County has made to date at reducing carbon emissions, increasing green energy production, and consumption, and making energy efficiency improvements to facilities.


Council Meetings

July 27, 2017

Council meeting notes

Dan Vimont Presentation

Keith Reopelle Presentation

Dane County Air Emissions Inventory


October 10, 2017

Council meeting notes

Nicholas Bianco presentation

4th National Climate Assessment


December 8, 2017

Council meeting notes

FACETS model presentation

Wayne Strong (Urban League) workforce development presentation


February 16, 2018

Council meeting notes

SunPeak solar presentation

YWCA racial equity presentation

Energy efficiency program presentation

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Race to Equity report


May 8, 2018

Buildings WG Presentations

Energy Efficiency WG Presentation

Transportation and Land Use Overview Presentation

Electric Vehicle Presentation

Large Solar Presentation

Electricity Storage Presentation


June 8, 2018

Alliant Energy Presentation

MGE Presentation

WPPI Presentation


August 8, 2018

Carbon Cycle, Forestry, Health Soils Presentations

Municipal Renewable Energy Presentation

Solar Education Presentation


October 16 & 23, 2018

Dane County Land & Water Resources Department presentation on flooding

Reopelle presentation on work group recommendations

December 7, 2018

Council meeting notes

Reopelle presentation on Biomethane Transporation Fuel production, Climate Action Plan (CAP) reduction targets and modeling, Discussion of All Recommendations, CAP Production and next steps

Wind Energy presentation