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In 2017, Executive Parisi established both the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) and the Dane County Council on Climate Change (DC4), to further the county’s efforts to address climate change. As a division within the County Executive’s Office, the OECC leads public and private efforts across the community to implement strategies to address climate change.

From July, 2017 through March 2019, the OECC coordinated and directed the activities of the DC4, as well several area-specific working groups, with the goal of developing a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Based on science and evidence, the plan aims to maximize economic and health benefits, while increasing Dane County's energy security.


Keith Reopelle, Director

Keith Reopelle

I am the Director of Dane County’s Office of Energy and Climate Change. Prior to coming to Dane County, I was the Senior Policy Director at Clean Wisconsin where I worked for 32 years leading clean energy campaigns at the state and regional levels. I’ve served on numerous energy and climate -related task forces and advisory committees. I was a member of Governor Doyle’s Task Force on Global Warming as well as the Midwestern Governor’s Association Greenhouse Gas Accord advisory committee. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife ecology and a Masters of Science degree in environmental communications from the University of Wisconsin -Madison.


Kelly Osborn, Energy and Climate Change Specialist

Kelly Osborn

I've long been interested in the intersection between community, policy and the environment. This has led me to some diverse and interesting experiences, including sailing to the center of the North Atlantic Gyre on a scientific expedition with The Ocean Cleanup. In 2013, I founded the nonprofit Wisconsin WildCare, which provides rescue and rehabilitation of local wildlife, while providing education and outreach to encourage co-existence. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning - both from UW-Madison - with an Energy Analysis & Policy certificate from the Nelson Institute.


Smilla Jepsen, OECC InternSmilla Jepsen

I am an intern with the Dane County office for Energy and Climate change. I am a recent high school graduate from Copenhagen, where I have grown up. A different school system allowed me to major in geography and social studies, partly spiking my interest in climate change and sustainability. I am working with the Office for Energy and Climate Change, researching European climate action plans and efforts to reduce carbon emissions.